Silas Wins in Dudley - London System

Silas Wins in Dudley - London System

Jan 24, 2018, 3:14 AM |


Excellent 43 38
Good 5 11
Inaccuracy (?!) 5 1
Mistake (?) 0 2
Blunder (??) 0 0
Forced 0 1
Best Move 55.8% 42.3%
Avg. Diff 0.44 1.08


Game played by Silas Bowcott-Terry aged 9. I've been encouraging him to play the Nc3 line once something like d6 has been committed to, but he likes to do what he likes to do and despite what I think, the engine thinks this is a very strong game. I can see him making some strides this season... I just need to keep him interested.


In case you're wondering, the guy quaking in his boots about to play young Silas in the image above is none other than GM Keith Arkell.

Also, to be clear, Keith was not the person Silas played in the game reproduced above.