Pogonina vs Chess.com Move 31.

Feb 20, 2010, 4:56 AM |

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                                Natalia Pogonina  vs   Chess.com

The game:  http://www.chess.com/votechess/game.html?id=14051

Done, sort of ...

Black hasn't many reasonably moves, so White can choose between several ideas. Rc8 and Bc8 are almost displaced and the black king is still vulnerable. The good side is that the defences are still holding and Black is more centralized if the position should open up.


31.Ra1  Mobilizing the queen. (31.Bc4 Bxa5) Here I just saw that trying to get away from the light squares with 31. ... Rc5 is refused with 32.Rxb7! Qxb7 33.Qe8#  So maybe a kingdom for some air. 31. ...h6 32.Qb3 Regrouping with an attack on b7. Here Black must meditate the best defence of b7. 32. ... Rb8 should be the best, not blocking the bishop. 33.Bc4 b5!?

31.Qb3 Rb8  32.Ra1 There might be something here.

31.Kh2 No need yet to hide the king. Interesting here is ofc g3/f4 but a little shaky.

31.Bg4 There is a cheap trap here. If Rb8, then Qxc6. But the future for the bishop here isn't too bright.

31.Bc4 Bxa5



31.Ra1 is the best I think.