Day 4 at TATA Steel chess - Won again!

Day 4 at TATA Steel chess - Won again!



Day 4 at TATA steel chess was a good one for me! I won my game, had dinner with legends and appeared on the official broadcast joining IM Lawrence Trent and IM Anna Rudolph! More on that later in this blog.

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So on to the game! The weekend group finished and a new group started for the coming three days. Which means a clean sheet and everyone starting fresh. My opponent for today was Ronald Sparreboom with a FIDE of 1937. However, before we get into it. I would like to as you all to follow my twitch channel, where I analyse my games in depth. Make sure to join me there!

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Now that we have that out of the way, let's look at the game!

As I usually do, I'll highlight some keymoment of the game in this blog. Below you can find the first one.

I'll be honest with you all, openings aren't really my strong suit. With the lingering threat moves like f5, Ng5 and even Bg5 and had to be creative with my defense. Even sacrifices on e6 are a real threat in this position, e.g:

What did I play instead then to save me from all these tactics? I played Nec6 followed up with Nd4! after! This attacked the knight on f3 and the bishop on b3, while simultaneously defending the pawn on e6. A few moves later, the following position was reached:

Oh yeah, did I tell you this game got extremely crazy at some points? It seems like white has a lot of threats and everywhere pieces are hanging in this sharp position. After calculating carefully, I came to the conclusion that there was only one move here that could save me.. Qc8! There are so many crazy variants that I would love to show in this position. I'll show one just for fun, if I played Bc8 instead of d5 one move before:

What do we learn from this? Always remain vigilant! After the Qc8, the queens got traded and a few moves later, the following position was reached:

In this position, my opponent offered a draw. Even though the position looks very equal, I felt like I was in a better position because I defended really well against whites assault. Because of that, I continues the game and a few moves later we reached this position:

It seems black is getting a slight edge in this position. Can you focus your inner Bikfoot and find a way to strengthen your position?

Slowly but surely my grip on my opponent got tighter and tighter. It was waiting for a moment to strike. A few moves later, my opponent made a horrible blunder. Show me your puzzle rush skills in the next puzzle!

My opponent wasn't ready to quit yet and kept on playing for a few more moves. However, at the he couldn't stop the b pawn from promoting and he resigned in the final position:

And that's it! A win is a win and I really liked how I defended against whites overwhelming attack. What did you think of it? I'll post the entirety of the game below for more clearance on how my game went. Hope this was entertaining for everyone!

Last but not least, I joined the official TATA steel broadcast as commentator for the last hour and a half of the show. Want to see me make my dramatic entrance? Watch it here: