No Such Thing As Luck in Chess?

Jun 29, 2009, 12:12 AM |


Recently, I have been playing a game with a player rated 2300+ and it wasn't looking too good, I think I was on my way to a loss...

Lucky!   Today I find his account has been closed for cheating.  Is that lucky?  Well, a little, because now, he cannot play moves and will lose all of his games on time.  So I get a win from a loss.  Justice if he really was cheating.

Luckier!  To my pleasant surprise, I happen to be first on the list of his games that will time out, so I am guaranteed a win vs a 2300 plus player in a little over 20 hours.   That's lucky because if I was last on his list, he'd only be a 1300 player by the time the last game times out!!  lol

Don't tell me there's no such thing as luck in chess!


This is kinda related to the Overinflated Ratings issue I spoke of too.
This could also be related to the Cheat Detection - False Positives issue I raised.  If this guy was cheating, he kinda sucked at it!