Using Custom Smilies

Oct 20, 2009, 4:53 PM |

I keep getting asked about the "custom smilies" I use here.

Firstly, the reason: The smilies on are LAME!!! 

Secondly, the how: They are just images I have uploaded to in the normal way.  Once uploaded you can easily access them again and again, making putting your own smilies in no more difficult than puttin in the ones... which when you think about it is really nuts... it shouldn't be so hard to use a smilie 

So yes, I encourage you all to use your own!

Perhaps then, the staff will do something to make the more interesting

Or maybe not 

I have been part of many forums and good smilies help make conveying the mood of a post easier to see and make the experience of online discussion a little bit more fun!

Please, , make this unnecessary and make your smilies (a) more enjoyable and (b) automatically triggered on sensing text like :rolleyes: .  Make smilies EASIER to use!!

And I have plenty more