Don't Be Afraid to Play in a Tournament

Sep 6, 2017, 5:22 AM |

          10 days before the 3-day tournament, i did 486 tactics in a book, 125 tactics in, and got my lessons up to 1607 (now it is 1749).


         1st Day

         After so much patience, the big game finally started. I beat a 1108 as an 1339 and crushed a 1042. I got lucky in the second round because I found a little, tricky tactic.


          2nd Day


          In the third round, I lost to a 1559 in 94 moves. And guess what, our game was the last to finish! Anyways, we took an extra 15 minute break before the next round. When I faced a 1118, I was confident I would win, and I did! First, he blundered a pawn and started to hesitate and I took advantage of that by attacking from my kingside (even though I was castled on the same side). He didn't see my mate in 5, so I basically one the game.


          3rd Day (Final Day)

           I did terrible on the final day. I lost to a 1519 and drew to a 1139. Well, how did I draw the 1139, you ask? Because I had 2 queens and 1 rook and I STALEMATED. Now, please don't laugh at me because I stalemated, he had a rook and saw forced stalemate.