Cheating At Chess

Cheating At Chess

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There are a lot of disgruntled members in an official tournament I am in, so I looked deeper into the matter. What I found just flabbergasted me. One member jumped from a rating of 1181 to 1759 in 3 days! Not a loss ONE in Online Chess!

So, I did some research and reported the player. During my research, I found an ungodly number of topics regarding cheating!

I don't get it. If you are cheating, then you're not winning. I do not understand the payoff or satisfaction that cheaters get for their digital trophies, ego, and whatever else they think they get out of it. They aren't winning. They are cheating; using somebody or something else's skills or knowledge to win. Yet they get some kind of satisfaction or pleasure out of that?

This is what I think:

They're pathetic. Absolutely pathetic people.

I can not relate to a mentality that causes one to feel good from being fake.