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Editable Analyzer - V3

Editable Analyzer - V3

Apr 18, 2017, 3:41 PM 2

The "analyzer" tool in our "daily chess" games are editable:




Once clicking on that button, we find the Analyzer board, all to familiar to all of us, including V2 users:



By right-clicking on a given move, we can create comments, punctuate moves, or simply click on a move, and begin moving pieces around to create variations.



Now, as this is performed, occasionally a button will appear that says "Save". Uh ... Better save! By saving, once you leave the analyzer, any steps you took in the analyzer (including entering your own variations, etc) remain stored in the analyzer for that game.


After the game is complete, by clicking you "Analysis", your notes, etc. are still present. Even after the game, you can continue to leave more and continue to save.  You can then "download" the PGN and store it or post it for future reference.


ps - There is currently a bug where some of our downloads from the editable analysis board do not post correctly in the post-game ""comments" section; a real aggravation!


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