How To Create Vote Chess Games

How To Create Vote Chess Games


Creating, Starting Vote Chess Games

You can click the link in the lower right-hand corner that says "New Vote Chess". This will take you to a page where vote chess open seeks are listed. Each of these open seeks, when you click, will show the vote chess specifics of that particular game: Days per move, starting board position, which color each team will be. If one is likeable, there is an "Accept" button and the vote chess game is started. If none are likeable or present, there will be a green button in the lower right-hand corner stating, "Create New Vote Chess".

Clicking "Vote Chess" takes you to a list of active vote chess games within the particular group. That same green button is present in the bottom right of that page as well.

Create New Vote Chess

Once the green button is clicked, you are taken to a new page that allows you to create a new vote chess game to your specification. There are several fields available.

My Group: This is a drop down menu that lists all the teams which you are admin of. Select the correct team.

Team To Challenge: Leaving this blank will create an "open seek". This "Open Seek" becomes available for any admin to accept for their team.You may also begin typing the name of a specific team that you wish to challenge. As you type, a drop down will become available to assist you. So, by typing the first few letters of the team's name, you can then use the arrow keys to select the team that you wish to challenge. This helps prevent errors as you are guaranteed the correct spelling of the team name.

Game Name: This is optional. If you do not enter a game name, it will default to ATDG vs. (team challenged) or ATDG Open Seek.

Game Type: This is a drop down menu that allows you to choose either a "standard" position game, or a Chess 960 game. The default is "standard".

Starting Position: This is a drop down. The Starting Position is what allows you to create a thematic Vote Chess game. This drop down allows you to choose from a list of ECO openings. The default is "Standard Opening Position".

My Group Plays As: This allows you to choose if your group will play as white, black or random. The default is random. As this is a theoretical discussion group, it is something to watch; if you wish, for example, to experience and discuss playing against the Sicilian after e4, you would wish to make sure your team plays white.

Time Per Move: This is, as states, your time control. The default is 24 hours, so watch this field pretty carefully.

Quick Description: This allows text only description of the game in question. It is text only, so no pictures, charts, videos, etc; In fact, don't even bother with paragraphs; when the challenge is issued, your paragraphs are ignored and it will be displayed as one big paragraph anyway. But, this may be handy for a quick description of a given opening sequence. Remember, though, that what you type in this field will be viewable by both teams.

When this information is entered to your satisfaction, click "Create New Challenge" and your challenge will be sent.