I am moving!

Mar 9, 2015, 6:08 PM |

I am getting out of this mold infested, ill maintained, wall stressed, foundation cracking hovel that I've been complaining about forĀ  years. I am getting out of this rat trap, crime ridden, filthy delapidated neighborhood to a neighborhood where the people act like people, keep their music turned down low, where the kids are playing basketball in the street and somewhere along the street, 2 or 3 neighbors are getting together and doing BBQ. You know; normal, practically suburbian life.

Most of what we own is packed and moved; tomorrow is the heavy appliances and the remnants of what's left over, and we are moved.

The house is a 3 bedroom upstairs; 1 for me, 1 for my room mate and a 3rd for an office; a bathtub/shower that actually has a 6' splashguard (this house had no splashguard; we were showering next to drywall; go figure that one); a large downstairs with a small room off to one side; and a mancave. Yep, the washer/dryer room with the furnace, water heater, W/D hookups is covered on one side with pegboard and the other side lined with heavy, wooden shelves. Cripes, all that storage, we dont' know what to do with it all! Oh, and a front and back yard (with a shed; that needs work, not the best, but functional and intact); the back yard needs a heck of a lot of work, but we're up to the challenge.

I get excited about little in life, just taking things in stride, seeing both the positive and negatives of a given situation, and the most exuberant I typically get is a smile and a nod of the head with the words, "Huh. Cool". Nah, not this time. I am hyped, giggling, laughing, and an occasional "whooopeee!"

Internet will be shut off at any moment, but will be turned on at our new home that is a real house that has a shed and a basement that is in a much better neighborhood that has a yard that is the best place I've lived in for a very long time ... The internet will follow me there on Wednesday.