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How To Post A Game

How To Post A Game

Feb 9, 2013, 9:52 AM 6

First, find the game you wish to post and put it on screen.

Next, click "Get PGN". A dialogue box will appear. Click "OK".


A NotePad document will appear with some "funny" writing in it. This notepad document contains the information you will need to post the game.

Now, go to the forum, comment, post, etc. where you wish to post the game and click the "Chess board" icon in the upper left-hand corner.

A dialogue box will appear. Click the radial button "Game or Sequence of Moves". Copy from the notepad document and paste the text in here. Note: Look where your cursor falls! If it is on the next line after the last line of text, click your >backspace< key one time! That extra stuff at the end of the text can throw off the pasting of the game! Make sure that cursor is at the very last "real" character of the text.

When you are finished, click "Continue".

There are various tabs where you may add comments, edit the game, change the format of the chess board and pieces and other fun options. When the game is as you wish for it to appear, click "Insert" and you have successfully posted your game!

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