Roman and Greek Gods

Roman and Greek Gods

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Roman Name Greek Name Description
Aeolus   God of Winds
Alpheas   A river God of the river of the same name.
Antareos   God of Mutual Lvoe.
Apollo Apollo God of purity, poetry, music, light, medicine, prophecy
Asclepius Asclepius God of Healing
Atlas Atlas A titan who carried the earth.
Aurora Eos Goddess of the Dawn who accompanies her brother, Helios, across the sky.
Bacchus Dionysus God of Wine, Fertility, wild and drunken behavior.  Taught men of growing grapes.  Symbolized by the goat.  Originally represented as a handsome youn man, but later, as a fat old drunk
Bellona   A war Goddess.
Ceres Demeter Goddess of Fertility and Growing Things.  Associated with grain.  Also, ghte goddess of Agriculter and the Harvest.
Chaos   God who represented the primal state in which earth, sea and sky were mingled as one.
Claucus   A sea diety.
Cupid Eros God of Love, son of Aphrodite, originally portrayed as a handsome, athletic young man rather than the chubby infant of later Roman representations.
Cybele or Ops Rhea Wife and sister to Cronus and mother of the Titans.  Represented in chariot drawn by lions.  In Rome, also the Goddess of Plentiful harvests.
Diana Artemis Goddess of Hunting, the Moon, childbirth, young living things (especially animals),various aspects of women's lives.  A virgin Goddess, symbolized chastity and modesty.  Presented with a bow, hunting dogs, and in hunting clothing.
Faunaas   A nature spirit.  A rural diety and deified King.
Februus   A God of the Underrealm.
Feronia   Goddess of fertility and also the Goddess of Emancipation from Slavery.
Flora   Goddess of Springtime.
Furies Erinyes Goddesses of Revenge:  Alecto, tisiphone and Magaera.  They carried whips and had snakes in their hair.  They punish people for crimes and are especially vengeful to those who kill members of their own family.
Inachus   A river God.
Ino   A sea Goddess.
Iris   Goddess of rainbows; Juno's messenger.
Janus   God of entrances and exits, beginnings and ends, gateways and doors.  He has 2 faces that looks forward and the other that looks backward, to see both future and past.  He was prayed to before prayers to any God, and the last one to be prayed to.
Juno Hera Goddess wife to Zeus.  Protector of marriage and childbirth.
Jupiter Zeus God of the sky, weather, lightning, rain and ruler of the Gods.  Symbolized by the Eagle and the oak tree.
Lucifer   Bright morning star, son of Aurora, considered an evil deity
Luna Selene Goddess of the Moon.  She drives a chariot across the night sky, which is lit up by rays from her golden crown.  She protects crops and controls the menstral cycles of women.
Mars Ares God of war.  In Rome, originally God of Farmland and Fertility until Greek influence.  Also in Rome, sacrifice often given to Mars before a battle, and a share of the spoils after.
Mercury Hermes Messenger to the Gods.  God of commerce, science, property, weatlh, and fertility; especially to sheep and goats; thus, he was often worshippd by sheep herders.  Guided souls to the underrealm.  Protector of travellers, vagabonds, thieves, criminals, and boundaries.  Considered crafty and deceptive; a tricker, and a thief.  Presented as a handsome, alert, intelligent young man with a winged hat, winged staff and winged sandles.
Mincius   A river God of the river of the same name.
Minerva Athena Goddess of War, Wisdom, Crafts, especially those associated with women, such as weaving.  Represented skill and the intellectual aspects of war.  Symbolized by her bird, the owl.
Neptune Poseidon God of the Sea, Earthquakes and Horses.  He is the son of Rhea and Cronus, and brother to Zeus and Hades.  He drives a chariot over the water and carries a trident.  Greeks prograyed his chariot pulled by horses while Romans portrayed his chariot pulled by seahorse and accompanied by dolphins.
Orontes   A river God.
Pluto Hades God of the Dead and ruler of Hades.
Pomona   Goddess of fruits and trees.
Portunus   God of ports and harbors
Quirrinus   God of common people, prosperity and welfare.
Saturn Cronus Titan and first King of the Sky.  In Rome, he was the God of Agriculture, Planting and Fertility as well.
Silvanus   Italian woodland God.
Somnus Hypnos God of sleep.  Presented as a kind, gentle, softspoken youth who could lull anyone, even the Gods, to sleep.  He is said to live in a cave where evrything in it promotes sleep, and to sleep there on a bed of darkness.
Terminus   God of Boundaries
Terra Gaea Goddess of the Earth; or, the Earth Mother.
Tibernus   A river God of the river Tiber.
Uranus Uranus First King of the Sky.  Son and husband of Gaea and father of the Titans.  Overthrown by Cronus.
Venus Aphrodite Goddes of love, fertility, beauty.  Symbolized the creative force that sustains life.
Vesta Hestia Goddess of the Hearth and Household.  In Greek mythology, she had little importance.  In Rome, an ternal flame was burned in honor of the goddess and to symbolize the unity and religion of Rome.  The flame was tended by six "Vestial Virgins" and it was considered a high honor to be selected for the task.
Victoria Nike Goddess of Victory
Vulcan Hephaestus God of Fire, metalworking, skilled craftowrk.  Blacksmith for the Gods.  Represented as lame and ugly, as most blacksmiths were blacksmithes because they were handicapped and could not go to war.  The only Roman God with physical imperfections.  Associated with volcanos, adn created Pandora, the first woman.
  Amphitrite Goddess of the sea, wife to Poseidon
  Doris A sea goddess and mother of the Neirads.
  Fates Clothos, Lachesis and ?  The three Goddesses who weave and measure the strands of life.
  Graces Patron goddesses of the arts:  Algaia, Euprhosyne, Thalia.  Daughters of Zeus and favored companions of Aphrodite.  Boys and men often swore to their name, as they were considered keepers of oaths.  They bestowy beauty on young girls, and gentleness or "grace" on poetry.
  Hebe Goddess who serves netor to the Gods that keeps them youthful.
  Hecate Goddess of the underworld and of black magic.  Benevolent.  Protector of women.  Brought success and wealth to her worshippers.  The only titan allowed to keep her powers.  Most often seen at night on country roads brandishing and torch and accompanied by hounds.
  Helios God of the Sun.  Drives chariot across the sky.  Accompanied by Eos.  Considered to be all-seeing so oaths are often made in his name.
  Mnemosyne Goddess of Memory.
  Morpheus God of Dreams and son of Hypnos.
  Muses Goddess of the Arts.  There are 9 muses, each one representing an art:  Calliope (epic poetry), Erato (love poetry), Euterpe (lyric poetry), Melpomene (tragedy), Thalia (comedy), Clio (history), Urania (astronomy), Polyhymnia (Sacred song) and Terpischore (dance).  Any one could be called upon for help in any art, or they could all be called upon.  Among the very few Gods who could see into the future.  Could banish all sorrow.  Ruled bu Apolly, daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne.  Had beautiful song and often sang as a chorus.
  Nereus God and attendant to Poseidon.  Believed to be a "kindly old man."  He could fortell the future and change shape.
  Nymphs Lesser Gods who guarded certain parts of nature.  Dryands guarded forests and woodlands.  Nereids were children of Poseidon and Amphitrite, and guarded the sea.
  Nyx Goddess of Night
  Pan God of woodlands and pastures.  Protector of shepherds and their flocks.  Seen as half man, hal goat.  He has a wild, unrepdictable nature.  He has many love affairs with goddesses and nymphs, and has numerous offspring.  He could fill men with wild, unreasonable terror called "panic".
  Persephone Goddess and daughter of Dmeter.  She was kidnappd by Hades and tricked into marriage by unwittingly eating the seeds of the pomegranate with him, which is a ritual of matriomony.  Demeter became angry that this was allowed to happen and refused to let things gow.  This caused the first winter.  Zueus orderd the compromise that Persephone spend 2/3 of the year with Demeter and 1/2 with Hades.  While Persephone is with Hades, Demeter shows her grief by not allowing things to grow.
  Phorcys God and attendant to Poseidon.
  Prometheus Thwarped Zeus' plan to destroy mankind by withholding fire.  He stole fire from the heavens and gave it to mankind.  As punishment, Zeus had him chained to rocks where a buzzrd rips out his liver every evening, and it grows back every day.
  Proteus God and attendent to Poseidon.
  Satyres Lesser Gods who appear part man, part animal and acocmpany Dionysus on his wild parties.
  Thetis A sea goddess
  Thonates God of death.
  Triton God of the Sea and Son of Poseidon and Amphitrite.  Represented as a Mereman.