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Overkill Endgames- Volume 2

Overkill Endgames- Volume 2

Dec 24, 2016, 2:06 PM 0

In last weeks article, the Queen and King mate was covered. In this weeks post I am going to describe the two rook mate.

To achieve the two rooks mate white must make a wall with one rook and check the king with the other rook, alternating rooks down the board. The following position demonstrates how whites rook on E1 creates a wall while his rook on D2 puts the king in check forcing it toward the side of the board.

Whites next move after Kc4, is to use his rook on E1 to check the king, and use the rook on d2 as a wall to stop the king from escaping. Following the check,white would continue to alternate his rooks until the king is trapped on the edge of the board and can no longer escape checks creating mate. The following position is the mating position of two rooks.
See how Blacks king cannot move out of check since it reached the side of the board. Now try the following puzzles, that mate with two rooks.
The only difference between the previous puzzle and the next is blacks king attacks the white rooks. To complete the mate white must swing his rooks up the file away from the kings reach.
The two rook mate is a simple overkill endgame, that can also be achieved with a rook and queen, or two queens. The following article will be about the king and rook vs king. Please feel free to message me, or email me at justcheckmatedyou@gmail.com with comments, suggestions, or future article ideas you would like to see.

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