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Overkill Endgames- Volume 3

Overkill Endgames- Volume 3

Dec 26, 2016, 1:49 PM 0

In the previous article, the 2 rook mates was discussed. In this final instalment of the Overkill Endgame series,  I will be covering the single rook mate.  In the single rook mate the side with the rook must understand opposition. Opposition is the kings ability to force the opposing king away from its current location. In the following position, white controls the opposition. Now he must check blacks king forcing him to step back towards the side of the board.

After the rook checks and the king moves back, the white king must reach the opposition position again. He must first move his king to meet blacks king. Once blacks king moves to an adjacent square on the file he is currently on, white must move his rook giving black the move. Blacks king will continue to move his king away from whites on the file he is currently on. Whites king should chase blacks king until, his king gets to the side and in forced to step in front of whites king.
See how white continues the pattern of gaining opposition and checking until the king can no longer escape, his checks. Now solve to following positions using the method previously shown.
 The rook mate is the most complex of the overkill endgames. In this series, if you have noticed all the overkill endgames force the king onto the side of the board to checkmate. The next series will be about simple endgames such as the 2 bishops mate, the bishop and knight mate, and pawn and king promotion. If you have any questions, comments, or ideas for new articles please message me or send me an email at justcheckmatedyou@gmail.com.

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