Overkill Engames

Overkill Engames


In this series I am going to cover the overkill endgames. Overkill endgames are critical to all players. An overkill endgame is defined as an endgame in which one side has sufficient material for an easy mate, usually not exceeding one piece and the king vs a lone king.  

The first endgame, king and queen vs. king. The following position white mates trapping blacks king on the side of the board. 

 to find where white should move his Queen, you must first consider where blacks king is. From the position of Blacks king, white should move his queen a knights move away.  The following diagram illustrates this idea.

In the previous position white must tread carefully or he will give up his win, for a draw. Once the king is forced onto the side of the board or the corner, white must make a wall and keep him there. The knights move may no longer work when the king is on the side of the board, especially if the king is in the corner. White must move his queen onto the adjacent file or rank, and allow blacks king at least 1 square to move to.
 The previous puzzle shows how white can allow black to move and still win. Next white must advance his king to meet blacks king on the side of the board, leaving on square, the queen controls between the kings. The following sequence shows how white must, involve his king to win.
 In the previous position, white now has 2 potential mating positions. White should pass his queen in between the opposing kings, creating checkmate. Checkmate can also occur is black is within the kings reach. The following puzzle is mate in 1, using the previously stated method (yes, Qa5 or Qa6 works).
The following positions, are meant to clarify what I meant by "White can checkmate as long as the black king is in his reach."
To conclude, checkmating with the queen, use the knights move rule. Next week, another article will be published about the next overkill mate, the king and 2 rooks vs king.