10-Year-Old Fausti Vs. GothamChess

10-Year-Old Fausti Vs. GothamChess

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BREAKING NEWS! 10-year-old Argentinian chess prodigy FM Faustino Oro (a.k.a. "The Messi of Chess") will be taking on one of the most popular streamers in the chess community, GothamChess, on Monday, December 18.

Fausti vs. GothamChess

This thrilling match, Fausti vs. GothamChess, is a new installment in the ChessKid Stars vs. Streamers series, in which popular chess streamers challenge our brilliant ChessKid stars to an intense and exciting battle. 

ChessKid Stars vs. Streamers Rematch Screenshot

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At nine years old, Oro made headlines after crossing 2300 and becoming the youngest player ever to achieve his first IM norm. How will he fare against the "Internet's Chess Teacher"?

Faustino Oro on the board
Faustino Oro is also a ChessKid Spanish ambassador.

IM Levy Rozman (GothamChess) previously challenged one of the strongest chess prodigies in the world, FM Tani Adewumi, and lost by checkmate. Will this match be his redemption? 

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