Streamers Even Score! | ChessKids Vs. Streamers

Streamers Even Score! | ChessKids Vs. Streamers

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The adults win the ChessKid Stars vs. Streamers Rematch, 20-12, against four brilliant young opponents, tying the series at 1-1!

The ChessKid Stars vs. Streamers Series

ChessKid Stars vs. Streamers is a fun event series that invites popular chess streamers to challenge some of ChessKid's top young chess prodigies.

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The first two events starred titled players such as Tani Adewumi, Brewington Hardaway, Shreyas Royal, Ryo Chen, Alice Lee, Megan Paragua, Anna Cramling, James Canty III, Jovi Houska, Eric Rosen, Arturs Neiksans, and Levy Rozman.

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Rematch Recap

The teams start pretty evenly matched, with Streamers taking a slight lead, 5-3. Anna got an early win against Megan, a fierce competitor in the upcoming ChessKid Youth Speed Chess Championship. In the second set of matches, Tani and Alice won 4 points for ChessKids.

Arturs made a strong comeback in the third match with a 112-move game against Brew, and Levy finished with 6/8 points, only dropping two games against Brew and Alice. 

The kids were tough man. I mean, they were all very good. Even the number four, Megan Paragua. She's like 9 or 10 years old, [and] she almost swindled me in a time scramble... they were all so strong.

—Levy Rozman on the kids' performance

To top off this thrilling round, Eric went undefeated, securing 8/8 points and redeeming his team's loss in the first matchup against the ChessKid Stars. 

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Congratulations, Team Streamers on your first victory and Team ChessKids for playing another impressive match. Now that the scores are tied... looks like a playoff will be underway. Stay tuned!