Nov 21, 2016, 12:33 AM |

Given the preponderance of draws now posssibe  in World Title matches due to the excessive knowledge of both player's of the other player's techniques and preferences, I've been thinking that the World Title should perhaps be a real example of chess skilll in many areas, rather than just the main game as we know it.

I suggest that future Title matches be composed of three tyoes of chess game..the regular game, 960 and blitz. The first game would be a regular one, the next a 960 and the next a blitz. This would then revert to the regular, the 960 and blitz for the next three and so on until the 12 game limit (or perhaps more) was reached and (hopefully) a result would have been attained.

This would surely be a better display of each player's abiities and right to hold the crown as a disparate and far-reaching knowledge of many aspects of chess would have to be known by the player to win the title..not just specialisation as now seems to be the case.

It would also be far more entertaining for the fans who now make up a massive (and lucrative) world-wide audience.

Something has to be done to break what seems an encroaching deadlock which could kill off the game at this, supposedly,  highest level.