Cruiseys Blog ;)

    • Biggest shock in England! ;)

      Well I dont blog much due to little interest. Which is a shame for the most improved adult in the country in the last 3 years in England. And being a Chess Teacher also feel I can explain things well and help many others. But thought I had to post... | Read More

    • My last round game to secure Thanet U145(1810 Fide) Runner up! !

      Hopefully will get some more blogs out soon. I really would like feed back on this game and I have some great games and tournaments to share with everyone. feel I can contribute a lot to people of lesser level and help them improve. I a... | Read More

    • Best Result of my life tonight! Blogs will be back ;)

      So just a quick bit of info. Last weekend I won East Devon Championships. Around u1650 fide level with perfect 4/4!  ;)  Had 1st round bye so fin on 4.5!   Then won a Club match on board 1 v a 113 ecf (1554 fide) Then won an online 45/45 gam... | Read More

    • A shocking game I will notate properly soon

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    • For Tim lol

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    • Me v my mum ;) Part 2.

      I just thought  would blog this 1st as I did say ages ago I would put the 2nd game up lol.  I have annotated it a little bit but I did not give my mum as many chances this time. Once again the chances I gave her were in the Brackets. Those were ... | Read More

    • My mum v Me ;)

      I promise afer my trip to France and maybe even during I may get a blog or 2 up but thought I would post this up as it was kinda a special game as my mum taught me Chess when I was 5/6. And she knows how good I have got the past few years and hate... | Read More

    • My blogs may be back! Great instructive game ;)

      So a BLOG! Its only a small one but I thought it would be a good opportnuity to get myself back into blogging mood and to see if I can get some more comments as I have had 3 people message me and say I should do my blogs and that they always read ... | Read More

    • Classic Disaster to Classic Success ;)

      I last posted a week ago annoyed with my poor performance at the London Chess Classic weekender A. I hoped that blog woke me up and made me concentrate a bit more and I think it did. I went into the 2nd weekend tournament alot more concentrated a... | Read More

    • Disaster at London Chess Classic.

      So I know I have not blogged for a long time and its crazy I have not as I have had an amazing time since I last blogged with some brilliant wins and some beautiful games. I have won a few tournaments and got a few 2nd places and some grading proz... | Read More