Biggest shock in England! ;)

Dec 21, 2014, 8:51 AM |

Well I dont blog much due to little interest. Which is a shame for the most improved adult in the country in the last 3 years in England. And being a Chess Teacher also feel I can explain things well and help many others. But thought I had to post this one up as it made many people jump up and take notice. And it was quite a nice game. Not annotated much but did a little.

Anyway short build up is this. Since playing in the British I have really gone off Chess again. I normally do aroudn this time but due to the demise of one of the main Congress Organisers I have played very little Chess. But the London Chess Classic always gets me back into things.

So went into this event fresh chesswise but exausted due to working for Chess in Schools all day/week. In which my CSC school I teach won their championships. ;)

So I went into the first round v 201 ECF rated Jon Friedland! Fide conversion of 2258 from his English rating. A difference of mine 130 ECF. (1690) Difference of 568 pts. On our fides the difference was even higher 575. Mine being 1514 and his 2089. And he is a Candidate Master.


Comments or questions would be great. The biggest Shock in England I have ever seen. So glad I created it  ;)


Hope I can now get back into Chess. I had a bye the next round or would of played a GM! Was gutted! In round 3 I was paired with FM Peter Constantinou, 2276! My First ever titled player. Lets just say I took a beating lol. I tryed the Smith Morra Gambit. He had prepped for me and I was exausted. He took me down some line that is brill for black and I had nothing. Never mind. This game will keep me up for a while.


Shortly after this event in which I decided to withdraw through tiredness I played a 160 (1930) in another tournament and played the Smith Morra again and won a lovely game in which I may also post up. ;)  Another huge shock.