From Earth back into Space! ;) My best ever win!

Apr 11, 2012, 3:15 PM |

So after 2 average tourneys where I lost a few games and went home not happy I received an email asking for players urgently for a Fide Super league Night at my Chess Club Coulsdon. I knew I was prob going to be up against somebody much higher than me but after my 2 average tournys I decided to get back at the chess board and vent my frustrations v my opponent. In long play I was still unbeaten in 14 games as white so knew If I got white I was capable of causing a massive shock. I find out 15 mins before who I was playing. Alex Hardwick! A 155 16 year old! Fide conversion (1890!) And thats hes rating from January, he will prob be above 160 maybe 170 by July! That is over 2000 Fide.

Anyway I had played this guy before about 4/5 Month ago. I was black back then and tryed the Dutch stone wall. I had a really good position and then he got an active rook and detroyed me. But still I wanted to get my revenge and with white I felt unstopable. This game was a Fide Super league game Barcelona v The Expressionsists. Dont forget I am rated 94 ecf, Fide (1402) v a 155 (1890) Its another David v Golliath. ;)  Dont blink cos its over quick  ;)

I was the first to finish in the whole room lol. And this game was the biggest rating difference in the whole room ;)  Players looked over looking shocked and the team captain looked amazed and said wow that was amazing hes a very good player ;)  Then I was offered a place in the team for the whole of next season in all hes teams lol. Even the rapid league. Which means I will get lots of games fide rated and v much higher players. I will also be playing 2 divisions up from my normal club team ;)   Big lea, hopefully I can hold my own their  ;)  I will keep people posted and will prob post up my rapid this weekend and my call up to the National chess team comp from my other club Hackney which was a massive honor as only 4 players get picked! ;)