Kitchen and Table Joint winner 4th Tourney Title!

Apr 19, 2012, 2:11 PM |

I went into this Friendly tournament on a decent run of form. My tourny win in St Albans was followed up shortly after by my best ever win. I was the strong favorite but I went into this Tourny mainly to meet somebody and as a warm up for my Golders Green tourrny which I also won ;)  I will post that later or soon. Anyway here is my 5 games from the Kitchen and Table Chess Classic. I think I have qualified for the British due to this joint tourny win ;)  Not..   Hopefully next tourny they can offer a place at the British ;)

So I ended the tourny on 4/5, the top board was won by Demello and he beat the player that had beat me last round. So there was a 4 way tie at the top out of about 18 players. The guy who I beat first round (Dwayne) had won 4 on the trot and also joined me, Demello, and Jassiah all on 4 points. I was awarded 2nd place prize due to the tie break system of who got to 4 points the quickest. I had played a hard player in the first round so on a different tie break system I would of been overall winner but joint 1st will do and I get what I came for..... a £3 Cafe voucher!! ;)  and my place in the british chess championships this year... I wish ;)  

So 2 tourny wins out my last 3 and if you count my graded wins thats 5 wins out my last 6 where I have actually been the best player in my graded section and won prize money ;)  Ofcourse this is no great acheivement as I am under graded by quite a bit.  But still its nice to do well even at this low level.

I now entered Golders Green the following day and also won it with a score of 5/6 ;)  I will try and get this up later or soon. I am also off to Nottingham U110 section this weekend. I have won 2 U120 before so I am confident of getting a nice win ;)