My Best win for my Club.

Mar 26, 2012, 4:22 PM |
So it was a game where our team was totally outgraded on every board so I knew I had to win to give us a chance. I was originally scheduled for board 4. But my opponent was someone who I had beat the week before in high Wycombe a (114 Davison) Going 1 more board up I was up against a 131 so I wasnt sure if I should be happy or upset about that lol. But I had only lost 3 games in 19 and finished 1st/3rd/3rd in my last 3 tournaments so I was confident.
So my 2nd best ever win. And our team was 3-0 up. I have now only lost 4 games in 20 odd and am playing best chess so far. feeling confident and playing more solid. Still only been playing 8 months but I definitely feel I can progress past 140 within the next 6 months. Watch this space. I now need to win some U120 tournaments starting with this weekend at the St Albans congress. Which unless I play awful will post the games here.  ;)