A guide to Atomic Chess's best opening!

A guide to Atomic Chess's best opening!

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Recently added a new chess variant, Atomic Chess, in this variant minor pieces explode when taken (not pawns).

Due to this unique rule it is possible to win in two moves with just the knight; this is the best opening for white as black only has one move that is not instantly losing. As shown in the non-interactive image (as I could not figure out how to add a variant board using the insert chess board feature here if such a thing is possible) 1. Nf3 is the move I am speaking about, but why is it the best move you may ask? 

Unless black plays 1. f6 they either lose their king or their queen, bishop and knight. It is a great opening for playing unprepared/lower rated opponents, however majority of them will know it. Now it may look like 1. d6 works for black, however this allows white to sidestep the knight to 2. Ng5 with two threats, taking the queen, bishop and knight in the following combination: and checkmate. Black now must move their king to the newly created d7 flight square, losing the queen, bishop and knight but ultimately saving the king.

The queen is lost in the next two moves.

The only winning (or not losing if you would) move for black is 1. f6 as this blocks both the knights attacking squares for this trap opening. This then evolves into a pretty standard game worse overall for black as they have lost a vital knight development square.

Overall, this is a very powerful opening that all should know before playing their first game of Atomic Chess both to know what to expect and how to trap unsuspecting opponents. This has been my first blog post ever, I hope it is of satisfactory quality, any tips would be greatly appreciated!