Scotch game for Black: Introduction

Mar 8, 2018, 5:33 PM |

If you decide to play 1...e5 against 1.e4(good choice) then you certainly need something against Scotch. The problem with Scotch is that it's one of those openings that need some theoretical preparation as following the principles might get you in trouble.

Let's see an example:


    Let's recap what we saw in this game. Black had to deal with some development problems , double his pawns , surrender space , suspiciouly place 2 pieces ,play his queen twice , surrender the bishop pair ,  triple his doubled pawns and decline a pawn offer to eventually equalise and get an ending that is more or less dead drawn!

   Funny ?Scary? Yeah , that is the problem with Scottish , it's difficult to decide if they are funny or scary and their opening is no exception.

  Of course Black gets a lot of dynamic compensation as there are are a lot of tactical resources but it is obvious that not only you need to have a good understanding of some complex positions but also memorise quite a lot of lines.

    Unless you choose clever.

    In the next parts we will examine an "easy system" that avoids crazy positions as much as possible. When I say "easy" I only mean that it's easier to understand than the others , it has less and more easy theory and positions that are less complicated and more straightforward.