Learn From The Masters: Bishop and Knight Teamwork!

Learn From The Masters: Bishop and Knight Teamwork!


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Ahhhh... I caught you! No, I did not quit this series! I am still working through Chess.com's perspective on the greatest chess games ever played

This game will feature chess legend Garry Kasparov, and possibly-greatest-ever-non-world-champion Victor Korchnoi. Mr. Kasparov needs no introduction. Victor Korchnoi was known for his very tenacious play. He was a a world championship candidate ten(!) times over an almost 30-year span, though did not win once.  He played chess practically all of his life, despite health issues towards the end of his life. He died an active player.

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Next up on the list? Kasparov vs Korchnoi. I hope you enjoy reviewing the game as much as I did!

In the position above, Black elects to snag the pawn with 23... Qxb2(!). Why are we emphasizing the World Champion and possibly greatest player of all time taking a weak and measly pawn in a messy position? 

White appears to be trapping Black's Queen after 24. Rfb1. Korchnoi did not play this, and that move is a blunder. Let's let you solve why 24. Rfb1 is not working.

Back to the game!

Let's see how the game finishes out!
Maybe not his signature win, though that was a fun game to watch.

I hope you enjoyed the game. Feel free to leave a comment below! If you want more information and details about the game, the video I suggest is by popular Youtuber, Kingscrusher. He has a very interesting and unique personality, and he goes into the specifics of the game in depth.

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