Use of expletives on

Jul 22, 2011, 5:30 PM |


I have read all the comments about abusive language.  

I was given the "F" word by a player recently just because I won the game.  Of course, I reported the matter to admin' and was surprised to discover that the guy who used the "F" word towards me is STILL an active player on this site!!  I have, in the past, suggested to admin' that a "Bad Word Filter" be installed to eliminate ANY expletive before it even hits the screen.  This of course has not happened and the trend continues!  Another chess site that I use has such filters in place and, should anyone use foul language, the words are automatically deleted from view and a warning is sent to the offender!  I know, it happened to me once quite by accident and so innocently too.  

I told a friend in the USA about a comedian we used to have here in England, his name was D*** Emery.  D*** being an abbreviated name for Richard (*ick) here, (not sure about other countries)  No harm in that you may say, just telling someone over the pond about a famous comedian....mmm, think again!!

Their filters are THAT sensitive and NOTHING gets through!!

The moral of my story is, could take that same positive step to ensuring a friendly, non-abusive site where ladies and gentlemen/boys and girls of tender years too, could enjoy expletive-free chess & chat enjoyment.

PS.  What amazed me about the guy that bad-mouthed me was that never even issued a short term ban on him!!  He was allowed to continue playing immediately after I had reported it to admin' and received their thanks for doing so.  He was not suspended nor banned!  Much could be done by the site to improve this situation and that would eliminate the need for members/guests bickering amongst themselves on this subject and avoid a vast amount of negativity!