Join a DHLC 45/45 Qualifier Today!

Join a DHLC 45/45 Qualifier Today!

Oct 20, 2014, 5:07 PM |

Do you enjoy a serious game of chess?  How about THREE?  Why not join the DHLC and play in our next 45/45 Qualifier?



Just click here to join the Dan Heisman Learning Center today!

This is the event that all new league players MUST compete in successfully to qualify to enter regular tournaments in the DHLC Slow Chess League.

This is a 3 round event with games played at a time control of G/45+45In order to qualify you must participate in all 3 rounds, observe all league rules, and complete at least 1 game. 

Before signing up below, read our rules here. Use this time zone converter to help with scheduling your games. (Enter New York in the converter to get ET.  Tournament #24 will begin on Monday, October 27th.

Invitations to the playing group will be sent during the week before the tournament start. 

If you haven't yet joined our Slow Chess League headquarters sub-group, go here to get started--

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