An infinite middle game or poor chess

Jun 6, 2007, 8:01 AM |

Sometimes (though very, very seldom) chess can be quite uninteresting (sorry for saying that). You'll say: "it depends on players who play chess" and you will be absolutely right. But there are so many amateur players including me who always face the same problem: which move to play after the opening. I think middle game is the most difficult part of a chessgame. It demands so much creativity which amateur players so often tend to lack.

And what to do especially if there is a cramped position?

I would like to submit my game against a computer. The computer game is Chessmaster 10

and my opponent is Jade (rating in the game - 2367). It started like an ordinary game,

but than the middle game came and the most interesting (or uninteresting) began. I played 

white. Make sure you can click fast on your mouse, otherwise the game will be even more

boring for you.







That was ugly, wasn't it?  I'm really sorry for this humiliation over chess. But I simply didn't know what move to make. The most interesting thing is that the result was positive for me. I won on time (time control was 15 min/game). There could have been a draw by threefold repetition but she was always avoiding it and lost! Silly computer! It can calculate 15 moves ahead but can not calculate how much time it is left!