Trade away anyway

Aug 25, 2009, 9:43 AM |

Recently I have played a rather boring game against the computer. This game would not even worth mentioning if it wasn't my best win so far (not in terms of style or strategy but considering my opponent's rating). It was the highest rating adversary I managed to beat. Again the tactics of trading away pieces playing against a very strong opponent gave its result. Here I trade queens which I think was the crucial moment in the game. This is the very case in chess when excessive persistence gives the reward of eventual win: 


And here is the whole game. As I said it is very dull and boring. There were moments when I simply didn't know what moves to make and just made silly random moves. The time control was only 15 minutes! It is too little for a game against such a strong opponent! Sometimes the result is more important than the process itself. I won on time. However I am proud of this achievement. Please don't judge too strictly. I hope you can click fast enough on left mouse button.