A brave and daring chess sacrifice ...
Karjakin & Caruana face off in Berlin, 2018.

A brave and daring chess sacrifice ...

NM FLchessplayer

OK, this blog is not meant to be taken literally, at least not in all of its aspects and statements. Click here to see what I mean. 

I have always loved a game of chess that involved the sacrifice of at least one exchange. 

I made the following post {originally} in the "Cheating Forum" of this website:  
"I played a similar game vs. a Senior Master some 40+ years ago. I had castled Q-side, he on the K-side. He had a fianchetto'd Bishop, pointing at my King. I played Re5!? and he took it after less than a minute. Eventually I got my DSB to e5, played d4 to anchor my piece, and g4-g5. (To prevent f7-f6 at any point.) I eventually won the game. AFTER the game, ALL the masters agreed that Re5 was an inferior move, but I would do it again, if I had the chance." (I should add that - at a later tournament - another master showed me a line, discovered by a GM, that would have busted me completely.) 


I have long been known for sacking the exchange, I have no idea where or when this started. 

Of course, I play many opening systems ... like the Grunfeld and the Sicilian Defense where exchange sacrifices are quite common ... for more, see the excellent book: "Sacrifices in The Sicilian," by GM Leonid Shamkovich. 

Long ago, in local (Mobile, AL) tournaments, Mr. Tom Denton hung the moniker on me: 
"Mr. Exchange Sacrifice." (I seemed to sack 'the ox' in almost every game we played.) 

So ... apparently ... Karjakin has secretly been studying my games and stolen a page out of my own playbook! 


In our game that we are discussing, GM Karjakin plays the most interesting exchange sacrifice.  

 To be sure, a wonderful game. I also want to point out - for THREE Candidates Cycles in a row!!!!! - that Karjakin has started somewhat slowly ... but finished strong in each of these events. 

- LM A.J. Goldsby I  (Click HERE to go to a website to replay a few of my tournament chess games.) 

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If you would like to see "the proof of the win," then this is a line that I composed, but also checked it against Fritz 15. 


Have a nice day! I hope you enjoyed my little article!  grin.png