A crazy game of 960 chess ...

A crazy game of 960 chess ...

NM FLchessplayer
Oct 23, 2016, 10:17 AM |

I played one game of "Fischer-Random" (960) Daily Chess against an opponent. It only took a few days and did not go that many moves but I thought that I would lightly annotate it here.


The moves were:  1.c4, g62.Nc3, Qh63.b3, O-O4.g4, Qxh25.Ng3, b6; 6.Nd5, Bxd5; 7.cxd5, Qh48.Rh1, Qg59.Qh3, h610.Ne4, Qf411.Rc4, +/-  

(In a day or two, after you have had the chance to study the game on your own ... I will come back and offer all of my thoughts on this game. On second thought ... since I cannot figure out how to make this gadget work properly, I will just offer my annotations on the actual game page ---> the link is given at the beginning of the blog.)

I don't think I have EVER played a game of chess ... normal and/or FR-960 ... where after only 7-8 moves I already had an extremely strong attack.

So I finally got around to doing this game ...  

If the comments after every move seems a bit excessive ... ... ... its what the "patron" (the person who made a contribution to see this blog become reality) ... wanted. Thanks!!! 🤔