A chess game with the monster ...

A chess game with the monster ...

NM FLchessplayer
Mar 11, 2015, 2:50 PM |

Deep Fritz is a VERY good program ... with an incredibly high rating. 

I have given up all hope of ever defeating the bloody machine ... 

For about a week, due to problems, I had no Internet access ... 

So I had little to do. I got bored one day and decided to play a game with DF-14. Call it dumb luck, skill, (both?); but I managed 3 straight draws with the computer. 

In all of the games, I had a TON of time, while the computer only had about 45 minutes and a 10-second delay. 

Below is the first game, it is probably the best of the three. (I literally took all morning to play the first 20 or so moves. Then, I took a nap, and finished the game that afternoon.) 


A.J. Goldsby I (2200) - Deep Fritz 14 (2500)

Home Training Game / March 9th, 2015.  

1.e4 e5; 2.Nf3 Nc6; 3.Bb5 Nf6; 4.d3 Bc5; 5.c3 d6; 6.0-0 0-0; 
7.h3 Bd7; 8.Ba4 a6; 9.a3 Qe7; 10.Re1 Ba7; 11.Bb3 h6;  
12.Nbd2 Nh5; 13.Nf1 Qf6; 14.Be3 Bxe3; 15.Nxe3 Nf4;  
16.Nd5 Qg6; 17.Nxf4 exf4; 18.Kf1 Rad8; 19.d4 Rfe8;  
20.Bc2 Ne7; 21.e5 Bf5; 22.Bxf5 Qxf5; 23.Qb3 b5;  
24.a4 Qd3+; 25.Kg1 Qc4; 26.Qa2 Ng6; 27.axb5 axb5;  
28.exd6 cxd6; 29.Qa6 Qb3; 30.Qa2 Qc4; 31.Qa6 Qb3;  
32.Qa2 Qc4;  ½-½    
(Here - the program claimed the 3-fold repetition.)   


   (Replay this game - below.)