A HUGE Milestone!!!
The KING ... of the total number of games played!

A HUGE Milestone!!!

NM FLchessplayer

How many chess games have you played? 

I am NOT talking about your ratings ... just the total number of games that you have actually played? 

As you can see from this image. I have now played over 100,000 bullet games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

QUESTION: Is there anyone else on this server that has played more??? 

And this is not the only server I have played chess on! 

Like a lot of people, when the Internet and chess first got going, just about the only game in town was "The Internet Chess Club." I was a staple there for many years. I estimate I played maybe 75,000 bullet games on that server. I also played on the Kasparov server, (now defunct); the USCF server, (also defunct); and many others. (Like FICUS and the ChessBase "PlayChess" server.)  

I was one of the main players on the old "Chess-dot-net" server for about 5-7 years when it was pretty much the most popular game in town. 

I am pretty sure - when you take all of these servers into consideration, I have probably played more than 100,000 blitz games and around 250,000 bullet games ... ... ... 

Here is my first win after passing the 100K barrier ... 

Click HERE to see this game on this server, (with the clock times as well).