Averbakh - Sarvarov; Team Champ. / USSR / 1959.

Averbakh - Sarvarov; Team Champ. / USSR / 1959.


  A great game - by GM Yuri Averbakh  

Friday; February 27th, 2015:
Click HERE to see a web page I just posted on my website a few days ago. (It is a nearly flawless game by GM Y. Averbakh. Not only this, it is an attacking idea that you could possibly use in your own games ... it is also a MODEL Game ... of how to conduct an attack when both players have castled on the opposide sides of the chessboard.) 

Averbakh was a great player. He was also very well known for his work both as an outstanding theoretician in the opening and also a top-notch endgame analyst. (He was also a well-known author, having written many magazine articles and several books.) 

A thorough and careful study of this game cannot but help to improve your play, especially if your USCF rating is around 1600 or lower.  This game is also annotated in the book: "50 Essential Chess Lessons," by FM Steve Giddins. (If you are not already a master, then I GUARANTEE you will learn a great deal from a careful study of this excellent book! Buy this book on Amazon.)  

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