FLchessplayer & chess traps. (#2)
Chess Traps. (#2)

FLchessplayer & chess traps. (#2)

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I already have a long blog on chess traps. (Click here to see it - and you should really check it out! It is full of links ... and I won't reproduce all that info {again} in this blog.) My first blog on chess traps has generated many e-mails, PM's and comments ... it might be my post popular blog! It is full of detailed analysis of chess traps, many of these have occurred in my own games. (However, I decided not to add any more games to that blog, it has become very long and now it is difficult to edit and manage.) 

I get asked - all the time - when I am going to add more games / traps. I wanted to add more, but I was waiting for a good one to occur in one of my own games. [So - now that I have a new game, I am ready to add a new one to my collection(s).]  

GAME #1.) TRAP in the "Center Counter" (Scandinavian) Opening.  
The following game is SIMILAR, (but not an exact match); to many other games that I have played. However, it has occurred so many times in my games ... that I thought I would offer it here. And because I am a chess teacher, I have to analyze it thoroughly. So - not only will it be a detailed analysis of this game - it will also be a lesson in this opening! 

Here is the game below - unannotated.
(I think you should play through it slowly - and try to determine the errors on your own.) 

And here is the game - fully annotated:  
Click HERE to see this game played on this server - with "clock times" as well.   

Game #2.) [Added - Wednesday; March 20th, 2019.] 
Here is a nice trap in the Sicilian Dragon.  
(Actually - if you go over the game carefully, and pay close attention to all the notes - you will see that this game actually contains THREE traps ... in the same game!) 
NOTE: All the moves in this game were "book" moves up through 14...Qb7.   
  • Click HERE to see this game ... with clock times and all of that.  
  • Click here to replay the Topalov-Carlsen game that I mentioned in the notes to this game.  

Click here to see my first blog on chess traps.   
(Many of these traps featured very deep analysis of the trap -
 and the related opening system as well.) 

Click here to see my blog on "Ugly Chess Traps." 

Click here to research the opening in this game. Click here to see how Bobby Fischer played when he had to face this opening. (His quick win - versus Herbert Seidman - is extremely impressive.)  

Click here to see my "Game of The Month" for June, 2004. (It features this opening ... and an extremely detailed analysis of this whole opening. It also has a in-depth look at the main line of this opening.) 


Keep checking back, I eventually want to have 30-50 opening traps in this blog, just like my first one. (I hope you will find this blog is up to the same standards as the first blog on chess traps.)