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How not to do it!

How not to do it!

Dec 6, 2016, 5:58 PM 2

Tuesday; December 6th, 2016. 

I wanted to create a blog of bad examples or poor strategies ... a kind of guide to the wrong way of doing things. Some examples are quite humorous and deserve a better fate than to simply be forgotten. 


  1. Many people play "King-of-The-Hill" by simply bringing their King directly to the center and ignoring all ideas of King Safety, material balance and even common sense. This game is a spectacular example of that kind of strategy. 
  2. Some people love to talk smack. They challenge you to a game, and tell you how badly they are going to mess you up, etc. I guess that's OK, but IF you going to do all of that, don't play like this, you wind up looking foolish! 
  3. This blog shows us a interesting game of chess ... from the recent "London Chess Classic" tournament. (Search Google for this event.) In the end, a GM ... who was once one of the strongest players in the world (Topalov) ... shows us how NOT to play the White side of The Queen's Gambit Declined. Ouch!!! (But obviously great play by the former World Champion, Vishy Anand!)  
  4. White delivers a definitive chess lesson!!! 

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