Is ICC a dying animal?
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Is ICC a dying animal?

NM FLchessplayer
Nov 25, 2017, 8:36 PM |

Internet {to-play-chess} web sites that have died ... or have lost their previous audience: 

  1. The USCF (online playing) website. {Gone.} 
  2. The "Kasparov" chess website. (Totally defunct now.) 
    {The Kasparov site has the distinction of possibly of being the FIRST website of this type!} 
  3. "Chess-dot-net." (This website is still around, but barely.) 
  4. ChessBase's "Play-Chess" site. (Still around, but much smaller than it use to be.) 
  5. Etc. 

There have been literally DOZENS of these kind of sites (since the start of the Internet) ...   
like FICUS ... but most are gone or are only a shadow of their former selves. 


I was a member there last year (ICC) ... and I found almost NOTHING appealing about this site. 
(I was also a member there for close to 10 years, I was one of the FIRST masters to play on ICC ... back in the dinosaur days of AOL and and "dial-up" modems.) 

  • I could not find hardly any tournaments to play in. 
  • No decent articles to see. 
  • You HAVE to be a current member to view the content. 
  • Unlike this site, you have to download an app/program just to play ... and these different interfaces vary tremendously in their look and feel. (Each one can have hundreds of commands, every interface/app takes a while to learn how to use it properly.) 

Will this website go the way of all the previously listed ones?  

Sunday; August 12th, 2018: A {former?} member of this site, (his account appears to be now closed, he sent me an e-mail); asked me if I wanted to be a member of ICC, he would pay for a year's membership. 

I told him not to bother, I really think ICC is a dead horse. I also find that site as boring as all get out ... its also extremely KLUNKY and hard to use! (Download an interface to play on their site? Why?)