Is Puzzle Rush getting harder?
Feb 19th, 2019: My Puzzle Rush (attempt) ... for the whole world to see.

Is Puzzle Rush getting harder?

NM FLchessplayer
Feb 18, 2019, 11:02 PM |

When I first started Puzzle Rush ... I was averaging close to 25. I am 100% certain there were a LOT of easy mates and stuff, I do not seem to be seeing as much of that now. (It seems that there USED to be a lot of "mate-in-one-moves" and {easy} back-rank mates ... and that sort of stuff. It does not appear that this is true any longer, I don't think I saw an easy "mate-in-one-move" in the whole of this P.R. attempt.) 

Does anyone else think that this is true? (PLEASE leave your comments below.) 

Two of my puzzle rush problems: 

By the way, if you "right-click" on the image above, and select the option of opening the image in a new tab, you can see all of the puzzle problems. 

March 4th, 2019: 

March 13th, 2019: Despite all of this, I still think PR has gotten harder than it was at first. I just played around with it the first few days, I wish now I had made it  top priority ... this proves I can break 30 ... I think I could break 40 when it first came out. 

The other day, I was doing Puzzle Rush ... and they hit me with a BUNCH of really hard problems in a row. One was like a mate in 9 moves. The first couple of moves were the hardest, the rest was easy ... captures - a lot of them with check. But still, a mate in NINE moves??? I NEVER saw those kind of problems when Puzzle Rush was new ... like the first month. 

I have also been working one hour every day - religiously with a tactics CD/DVD someone purchased from USCF for me. (anonymously) Apparently, it is paying off, my Tactics Rating is now over 2200. (Plus I have worked with the tactics problems here, too. Many are droll and stupid and focus on simple material wins, but I think I am starting to get the hang of them.) 

Tuesday; March 19th, 2019: 

I scored 22 in Puzzle Rush. (Many distractions, the phone rang. I did not answer it, but I kept wondering who called. I was - at the same time - getting messages on FaceBook and also some Instant Message notifications.) 

The sixth puzzle in shows the number #397. (This is the link to that problem.) 

Here is that problem; Black to move:  

(Its like a mate in three moves.) 


Its NOT a difficult problem ... but the point is that I NEVER saw a "mate in three moves" in the early days of Puzzle Rush - it was all real simple stuff. (IF I remember correctly, it ALWAYS used to start off with best captures or mate-in-one-move. There was usually 5-10 of those before the difficulty increased in any significant manner.)