K+P endgames

K+P endgames

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Most people underestimate a K+P endgame ... 

Click here.  (Fedor100 vs. FLchessplayer ... from an online tournament here on this server; the TC was "two-minute" plus 01 seconds of increment/delay that was added in.)  

Below are sites that have good stuff on K+P endgames:  

  1. For the Logical Chess page, click HERE
  2. The "World Chess Academy" has good lessons
  3. Some basic endgame K+P lessons on my site.
    (Click here, and here.) 
  4. A "must-know" K+P endgame, click here
  5. My endgame school has a section on K+P endings.  
  6. A good collection of games with a K+P endings. 
  7. A good Wikipedia article on K+P endings. 
  8. A nice (short) YT video on K+P endgames.  
  9. NM Dan Heisman has a nice page on K+P endgames.  
  10. "The Basics," a nice YT / video by IM D. Rensch. 
  11. "Beginner to Expert," (pawn endings) by Tangborn & Wolski. 
  12. Pete Tamburro gives a few of his favorite endings.  
  13. A nice article that explains triangulation in K+P endgames.  
  14. A web page that I created ... on the Tal-Korchnoi game
  15. A web page - on the game, Sasikiran-Nisipeanu, 2006. 

(I will try to add more links and resources to this page, feel free to sugeest links, post K+P endgames, etc.) 


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