Minnie Chess
Is smaller ... better? (Or faster?)

Minnie Chess

NM FLchessplayer

I love "shorties" ... ... ... or miniatures in chess. (A game that is completed in 25 moves - or less.) 

I have always had a fascination about these kinds of games and even collected all the books I could find in this genre of chess. (At one time, I probably had over 50 books & pamphlets on chess miniatures.) 

I have many web pages on this subject as well. 

  1. Click here to see my old "Geo-Cities" web page on this subject. 
  2. Click here to see my "FaceBook" page on these kinds of games. 
  3. Click here to see my collection of 66 games on the "CG" website. 

From my most recent game, here is a problem, "White to move." 

If there are too many comments on the other page, it will get hard to find the analysis ... 
so, for your convenience, I copied my analysis here: 

If you wanna see the original game, then click here

If you are curious about weird/ancient openings, then I recommend that you play over the games of the late, great Paul Morphy. You will see MANY unusual openings ... ... ... 

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