My favorite miniature of chess?
Chess warriors ... battling for supremacy.

My favorite miniature of chess?

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I have a web page on the best/greatest chess miniatures of all time.
On that page is a list of the ten greatest chess miniatures of all time. 

But what is my favorite short game of chess? I have thought about that subject for a long time! 

All of this started about two weeks ago. A friend - and former student - asked me that question: 
"What is YOUR favorite chess game of all time?" (Referencing just short/quick chess games.)  

I could have been lazy and just given the game: Morphy vs. Allies.  
(The allies were the Duke of Brunswick and the Count of Isouard.) I have a web page on this game ... its no small secret that this IS one of my favorite chess games of all time ... it might have been the first game someone showed me the very first time that I went to a chess club. (And that is another story for another time.) 

But - I eventually decided that was a cop-out; it would have been taking the easy way out. And I set to doing a little work, it meant re-downloading the PGN files and re-analyzing about 30 games. (I have my old analysis in the Chessbase program, but I felt to be objective, I had to start with a fresh page, so to speak. 

Lets go back to my web page on the best short games of all time ... just so you can have an idea of what I am talking about: [ The numbers in parenthesis refer to the game number in Chernev's book,
"The 1000 Best, Short Games of Chess." ] The list below I think is in chronological order, NOT in their order of importance or which one is the most brilliant! 

  1. Harry N. Pillsbury - Seymon Winawer; Budapest, 1896. (#775)  
  2. Richard Reti - Savielly Tartakower; Tournament Game. Vienna, 1910 (#44) 
  3. Edward Lasker - Sir George A. Thomas; Casual Game. London 1912. (#546)  
  4. Janowski - Samisch; Tournament Game. Mariendbad, 1925. (# 682)  
  5. Richard Reti - Jose R. Capablanca; Tournament Game. Berlin, 1928. (#548)  
  6. Alexander Alekhine - Aaron Nimzovich; Tournament Game. Bled, 1931. (#607)  
  7. Glucksberg - Miguel Najdorf; Tournament Game. Warsaw, 1935. (# 837)  
  8. Boris Spassky - Alex Aftonomov; Tournament Game, USSR Jr. Qualifiers, Leningrad, 1949. (#801)  
  9. Robert Byrne - Robert J. ("Bobby') Fischer; Tournament Game. U.S. Championship Game, U.S.A; 1963-64. (This game is not in Chernev's book.)  
  10. Bent Larsen - Boris Spassky; "U.S.S.R. vs. The Rest of The World." [Match] Belgrade, Yugoslavia; 1970. (This game is not in Chernev's book.)  

(I also looked at quite a few other games as well, exploring many links on Google about short games/chess miniatures. I did a relatively quick analysis of around 50 games, total. BTW, ALL of the above games are annotated ... if you would like to see that work, please visit my web page on "Best Short Games of Chess" to find the links.) 

I REALLY like the games of Paul Morphy, and he played so many beautiful games in this category, any list would be pretty lengthy. One of my favorite Morphy miniatures would have to be Lichtenhein-Morphy; from the U.S. Chess Congress in New York in 1857.   
(Here is that game - see just below.) 

I actually have TWO web pages on this game:  


And here is my video of this great chess game. (It's pretty thorough.) 

And here is a link to a video on "Morphy's Outrageous Sacrifices." 

To conclude my coverage of the great Paul Morphy (and short games of chess):  

Perhaps two of the greatest geniuses of chess would be Richard Reti and J.R. Capablanca
(Did this influence my decision? Maybe, I cannot honestly say "no" and feel good about it.) 

After thinking about this topic for nearly a week, I have decided that my favorite miniature of all time would be: R. Reti - Jose Raul Capablanca; Berlin/1928. See this game - just below. 

Here is a picture of our two protagonists ... Reti on the left and Capablanca on the right:  

Here is my (new) video on this game: 

And here is my web page on this fantastic game of chess:

Well, that's it. I hope you enjoyed my little blog. 

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Thanks for stopping by - and have a super-fantastic day!!! 😎