My "Game of The Month" website.

My "Game of The Month" website.

NM FLchessplayer
Apr 1, 2015, 12:28 AM |

"Game of The Month" (Click here.) 

I have just spent around 250 hours redoing this website ... to be honest, it was not in good shape, and there were MANY broken links!!!  

Now, every page (of any consequence) has a counter, and I have fixed all the broken links that I could find. 

Many of the games are thoroughly annotated. PLUS!!! There are many diagrams, a link to a replay page, usually each game has its own video, and you can download a copy of my analysis - in the PDF format - for free. 

Be sure:  

  1. To check it out. 
  2. Tell all of your friends! 
  3. Many new games. (more


In lieu of this thread - where some people doubted my ability or dedication to spend time with a game - I decided to recount just how much time it took me when I was doing this work. 

  • First of all, back then, I spent a LOT of time, (10-20 hours every month, maybe more) keeping my TWIC (TWIC = "The Week In Chess.") database up to date. (You have to download the file every week, unzip it, unload it, filter it and then copy it to another database. I think one of my TWIC databases has MORE THAN A QUARTER OF A MILLION GAMES IN IT!!! (If you doubt it, send me 50 bucks to my Paypal account, (; and I will send you a copy of my ChessBase TWIC files on a flash drive.) 
  • Sometimes a game would be a "Slam Dunk." I.e. a top player would play a really outstanding game, sometimes it would contain a "Theoretical Novelty." (TN = A major opening innovation.) However, this was only a small percentage of the time. 
  • Most of the time, I spent "HOURS and HOURS" playing through GM games, looking for that one game that really stood out from the field. 
  • AFTER I found my game, then I would spend roughly two-to-three-weeks annotating it. (This was like 5-10 hours every evening going over the game.) 
  • Once I finished the game, then I copied the PGN file to the clipboard and then inserted it into an HTML file under the Program, "Front Page." 
  • Now I had to spend - on average - 20-30 hours formatting the game. (The PGN file that was generated by the ChessBase program ... was pure gibberish ... no one would look at it until you could understand what you were looking at.) 
  • AFTER I finished the web page, I spent another 5-10 hours generating the video of the game - that when finished - was posted on my "YouTube" channel
  • There were many more items that were required to generate my "Game of The Month." This, however, are most of the major steps. If you take a look at some of the links, you can get an idea of how much work it actually took. 
  • Right now, (August, 2018); I am not doing my "Game of The Month" procedure. This is because my main PC got broken when we were evicted from my previous residence, Chapin's Landing. (In December of 2015.) All my programs to do the GOM feature were on that computer, until I can get it fixed and retrieve all my files, I cannot do my "GOM" feature. 
  • When I was actively working on my "Game of The Month" feature - 12 games a year - I spent HUNDREDS of hours every year doing it, I did it for more than 15 years ...