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My salute to IM E. Tate

My salute to IM E. Tate

Nov 13, 2015, 8:36 PM 11

My salute to IM Emory Tate.  


Post: #300812 by LifeMasterAJ on Tue Oct 20, 2015 10:57 am

A sorrowful goodbye, (to) IM Emory A. Tate. 1958-2015.
(We were both born in the same year.) 

I think I had a plus record vs. Emory, with three wins, two losses and at least one draw. (I know I worked harder in that one draw then I did in at least a dozen "normal" chess games!) 

He once remarked that he gave me the impetus to become a master ... he said to me, after winning a brilliant game against him (in R2) of the 1980 Queen Of Hearts, "Stop messing around! If you can beat me, you should win the tournament!!!" I did! 

I was only a "Class A" player at the time. (Low 1900's.) I started the tournament rather slowly by drawing a Class B player. Then I beat Emory Tate in Round Two. In round three, I defeated one of Montgomery's best players. In R4, I defeated J. Scott Pfeiffer, (in a game where {as Black} I was once a whole Rook down - but Scott made a terrible mistake in time pressure). Scott Pfeiffer was (in those days) known as "The terror of the Panhandle." In the last round, I smoothly defeated Kerry Leahy ... who seemed to be getting better every tournament and went on to also become a 2300+ player himself. The 1980 QoH was my "break-out" tournament, everyone said I was a different player after that. 

After the tournament was over, Emory was the first to shake my hand. (With a very young Stuart Rachels looking on.) He also sent me a postcard when I became a master ... congratulating me. He once confided that we shared names, (his middle name, but my first name); and that it meant "strength and powerful." He also said, "With a name like that, you cannot be a loser!" 

He duly thumped me in our last encounter in Montgomery. (He would often visit Montgomery, AL ... I think a family member owned a house and/or some land in that area.) 

RIP, friend. You will be sorely missed. You were one of the most dynamic players that I ever played, bar none! (I will miss you.) I pray that your soul flies on the wings of an eagle. 

- LM A.J. Goldsby I 
{Originally written for http://www.chess.com, I am user FLchessplayer on this site.}  


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