My tournament games

My tournament games

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My tournament games   
  By FLchessplayer / A.J. Goldsby I   

I got an e-mail the other day, one friend asked that I start posting more blogs with my tournament games. (Click HERE to go to my GC page for my games.) 

{Just about all of my websites have a page dedicated to my games...  click here to see a list of some of my better websites.}  

#1.) Click HERE.  
This is the blog that I did on the 2014 LA State Championship, which I won.  

#2.)  Click HERE.
This is a web page on a nice game that I played in the Grunfeld, (in New Orleans in December of 2014). I tried to turn it into something of a teaching tool on this particular opening.  

#3.)  Click HERE.  
This is a web page that I did on one of my games from the 2015 LA Pro-Am. 

It features an interesting Reti/King's Indian, where I eventualy won. My opponent, Logan Wu, is only nine or ten years old and is one of the top players (for his age) in that state.  

#4.) Click HERE.  
This is a web page that I just posted this past Monday. It contains all of my games from my last tournament. The feedback has already been so positive that I will have to do this more.  

  • If you really like my tournament games, you should also visit my "You-Tube" channel, (click here). It should contain a few more of my games ... I have no idea exactly how many you will find.  
  • Click HERE to see my page on the popular CG website.  
    (There are many of my games available to replay ... however, there is no commentary allowed ... and they are not posting any new games.)  


I will add more entries as new material becomes available or is posted.