My (variant) games ...

My (variant) games ...

NM FLchessplayer
Sep 8, 2016, 8:53 PM |
  1. A nice game of Fischer-Random (960) chess. (Click here.)
  2. A very exciting game of "Crazyhouse," I mate with 2.9 seconds left on my clock! 
  3. FIVE QUEENS ... (plus a Rook) {as Black} ... really not a bad (960) game, either. 
  4. One of the best games of Z-house that I have ever played. (Click here.) 
  5. I instill terror into my opponent by delivering hammer blow after hammer blow! 
  6. A higher-rated player ... eight straight checks, and he is finished!!! (Of course, its a real knightmare and #8 is also a mate!) Enjoy! (Click HERE.) 
  7. A wild game ... I was waiting until I had a handful of material, but after 31...Rxb3; my hand was forced! I start the "usual" ... "rain of checks" ... ... ... and eventually things go my way. As usual, at least in my games, the last person to have the attack is the one who wins! 
  8. A nice game of bughouse. I was Black in this encounter, and for me, this is as close to a model game as I have ever gotten. 
  9. Z-house game. After move 36, it appears that Black is busted ... there are too many open squares around the Black King and White has a fistful of material. How to escape?
  10. A nice game of Crazyhouse, I win in convincing fashion. 
  11. In my first few games of "Three Checks," (chess variant) ---> I quickly realized that NONE of the normal chess conventions applied. Example:  1.d4? e6; 2.Nf3? Bb4+; 3.c3, BxP/c3+; 4.b2xc3, c6; 5.e4, Qa5; 6.Bd3??, QxP/c3+! and Black (0-1) wins as he was the first to give three checks. Example #2: 1.e4?, e6; 2.d4? Bb4+!; 3.c3, BxP/c3+; 4.bxc3, Qh4!; White Resigns. (0-1) OK, those were painful lessons, but slowly I was getting the idea. Here is a game ... that I actually managed to win, bear in mind, I only have played 10-20 games thus far of this type of chess. 
  12. To be honest, when I first started playing Fischer-Random/960 chess, my games were TERRIBLE ... it appeared as if I was operating on 10% brain-power or something. (I don't know why these early efforts were so rotten, they just were!)

    Part of the reason is that book knowledge plays no role, another factor is that every beginning position has its own set of rules, if you get what I am saying. Some positions, the tactics are incredible - hot, right out of the starting gate! In other positions, the tactics and strategies take a TON of patience, things seem to happen in slow motion, sometimes.

    Here is a nice game, it is neither super-fast or super slow, but I just wait and take only what the position will allow. While I am sure the computer will improve on my play, I am very pleased with this (new) effort.  
  13. This game ... must be my best effort, ever! (thus far); ... in three-check chess. 
  14. White (not me) plays an impressive attack, which - like Maxwell Smart - only missed ...
    "By that much!" In the end, White simply ran out of time. 
  15. I know that I have played a lot less than 50 games (of "three-check") ... exactly how many? I am unsure, as they still don't have stats for this! (Sept. 30th, 2016) But this morning, I played one of the best games of "three-check" that I have ever played! (Click here!) My opponent was 1900+ going into the game, but dropped to the 1700's after the game.
  16. The worst mistake you can make ... in either bug or crazyhouse ... is to expose your own King ... this game is a good example why this is true. 
  17. A nice game of F.R.-960 chess, I also won the tournament, 5-0. 
  18. It never fails to amaze me how some guys play (the variant) "Three-Check" chess. Sometimes, they sack all their material ... for a couple of checks ... and then their attack stalls dead in the water. Case in point, see here
  19. Some players ... play just horrible chess when they play "King of The Hill." (You can win the game by conventional means, but the first player who gets his King to e4, e5, d4 or d5 wins immediately and automatically.) My philosophy is to play normally. Eventually, you should be able march your King to the center, especially in an endgame. However, some players try to get their King to the center right away ... like this game
  20. Tuesday; November 15th, 2016:  I just won a 1-0 ZH tournament, this was easily my best game. (ZH = "Crazyhouse," I don't know where the acronym came from.)
  21. (more to come) 


Thursday; September 15th, 2016.

It was a fairly normal Thursday afternoon, I had played a lot of crazyhouse chess. (I had started playing around 10:30 AM.) Then, my good friend Nick Matta asked if I wanted to be his partner for some Bughouse chess. Naturally, I said "Yes!" as Nick is very good at this chess variant ... I knew that all I had to do was avoid a lot of trouble and he would probably win the majority of his games. Little did I know that we would have a good run ... and remain entirely undefeated!!! (All the games were 3-0, which is very fast, normally I play 5-0 when playing Bug/Siamese OTB, face-to-face.) If you are curious, there is also a link (in v3) so you can see the "partner game" and find out how the partner was doing. ALSO - if you want to study these games - especially those of my partner! - some serve as a model for how to be an aggressve Siamese/Bughouse player.
I want to make an important point, this should be obvious, but a lot of players overlook this fact. In Bug, it is VERY important ... that your partner be as strong as you are!!!!! (If not, you will soon find that a much weaker partner will always wind up losing the match for you!)
And finally, I DO know a thing (or two) about bug. Way back in the 1980's, I coached two young men in southern AL. They told me their dream was: "to go to the U.S. Open and win the National Bug Title." While I was a little bit of a sceptic, I did teach them for close to two years. (We studied tactics, and I gave them hundreds of pointers.) Finally, we would finish the afternoon usually with a four-hour (or longer!) session of bughouse chess. They went to the U.S. Open ... and won the bughouse tournament in convincing fashion. (I never told them this, but both of these guys should thank their Dads ... without all those lessons - which the Fathers' had to pay for - they never could have won.)    
#1.) Game One.  
I was White - and as my strategy - I just played defense and see what happens. Nick seemed to be tearing up his opponent early ... I really thought he had an easy mate at one point. But Nick was also having the same problem I had, i.e. I never seemed to get "the flop" that I was looking for. Finally, I get an attack, and at the end, I had all the pieces that I needed. (I actually mate my opponent.) 
#2.) Game Two.
I was Black in this game, and my 1800 opponent came at me with guns blazing! I was actually OK, and never in any real trouble. However, I also gave up a fair amount of material ... in a really close match, this would have hurt my partner and probably been fatal. Fortunately for me, Nick mated his opponent in like nine moves!!!!!! 
# 3.) Game Three.
I was Black - and, as usual - {initially} wound up playing defense. My opponent made some aggressive gestures, but never got anaything going. KEY MOMENT: When I played 13...Bc5+; my opponent had to block the diagonal. (He did not.) So I simply told my partner I needed a "heavy" (Queen or Rook) which he quickly obtained. After the flop on g1, White's only legal move was to take with his Rook, when 14...N@f2# will win the game. Seeing this - and that his partner was being badly smashed - White surrenders.  
#4.) Game Four.
This game started off VERY fast. (My NM opponent, at least in the very beginning of the game, was moving VERY quickly!) I decided that, even though I was White, to play some defense and prevent a quick slaughter in the hopes that my partner would be able to kill his much weaker opponent. I played a fair defense, and my opponent was getting much in the way of pieces. After 21 moves, I had a dream position, my King was safe, my opponent had no attack to speak of, and I had a nice Knight sack on h7 with a Knight (and a few Pawns) in hand. And, as luck would have it, once I started the attack, I started getting a ton of pieces. NOTE: This is very important, both in Crazyhouse AND Bughouse. Once you start an attack, IF AT ALL POSSIBLE, always (ALWAYS!!!!!!!) make your "flops" (piece insertions into empty squares) WITH CHECK! Otherwise, you risk making one waiting move ... and FLOP! Your opponent starts throwing a truckload of pieces at your King. (ALL - with check!!!)  
#5.) Game Five.  
My second game vs. NM beastfromweast. (In bug.) I had a good game, I never felt I was in serious trouble. After I flopped a Pawn onto h6, my opponent decides to "win" my Queen. The only problem was that Rfe1 wins the Queen right back. Right after I played Re1, I looked at my partner's game ... and started laughing! (We were smashing our opponents on both boards.) 
#6.) Game Six.  
Opponent: mhoffma. This game was pretty much a NON-EVENT. I was White, defended well, even took a free piece. Just when things got interesting ... it was over, because Nick Matta mated his opponent. (hehe) 
#7.) Game Seven.  
Opponent: jlandham. This game was a "gimmee" as we used to say back in the 1970's. White never even has a vestige of an attack, although he does get in a couple of checks. Of course, he had it doubly bad, his partner had to "freeze" with only about 22 seconds on his clock, as Nick Matta was about to mate. 
#8.) Game Eight.  
Opponent: asqw1313. Another non-game, this one was a mismatch in every sense of the word. Just as I was about to win my opponent's Queen, Nick Matta mated his opponent! 
#9.) Game Nine.  
Opponent: PraveenAnbu123, (1st game). Another smash. It actually started off slow enough, but then my opponent made the unwise decision to trade Queens - which was bad, because it really hurt his partner. I also got exactly what I asked for, a Queen when it was mate-in-one. I look good in this one, but it is as much as having a good partner as anyting else. (I had a bad run a few days prior, I kept getting very low-rated partners ... that were getting destroyed.) 
#10.) Game Ten
Opponent: PraveenAnbu123, (2nd game). Another non-game, another win - credits/kudo's to my partner! (See the comments below the game.) 
#11.) Game Eleven.  
Opponent: nhoffma. (Multiple games.) Another win for our team. My opponent was not able to come close to cracking my defense. Once more, I credit a good partner: I asked for Pawns - he got me those. I ask for a Knight - bingo! (Got that.) I asked for a Queen, he told me to wait, but one was definitely coming. Of course, once I got the lady (in hand); it was mate on the move.  
#12.) Game Twelve.  
Opponent: nhoffma. (Multiple games.) Here was a set ... where we could have easily lost a match. (I looked at my partners game, he also looked to be in trouble at one point.) My opponent got a vigorous attack at one point, I am not at all sure that I played the right moves. Perhaps the only positive thing I can say is that I avoided any easy checkmates, and kept us in the match. Finally, at the end, I just kept checking my opponent in the hopes that my partner (Nick) could mate his opponent. In the end, when BOTH my opponent and I had 14 seconds left on the clock, Nick's opponent ran out of time! (Close call!)  
#13.) Game Thirteen
Opponent: DaveyJones01. Here was a fun game. Even though I was White, I was happy to play defense and feed my partner material. I did a very good job of keeping a determined opponent at bay, meanwhile it appeared that Nick was killing his opponent again. KEY MOMENT: At move 20, my opponent played BxB/d2. I did NOT recapture, instead opting for 21.PxP/g6!, as:  A.) My opponent's King was somewhat open, (I had softened him up a bit earlier.); and B.) I also had a fistful of material. My opponent probably could have defended better, but once I got an attack going, I did everything with check ... and my opponent was unable to defend. 
#14.) Game Fourteen
Opponent: nhoffma, (Again!). I was Black, and I must say that this game is a model bug game. I kept all the squares near my King occupied, not giving my opponent a lot to shoot for. When I got the attack, I stayed on him and never backed off, eventually delivering checkmate.
After this, my partner told me he had to run ... and thus ended my fun!  sad.png   

  Tournaments I have won.   
  1. A nice victory in a ZH tournament, a couple of the games are nice attacks. 
  2. I go 7-0 in a three-minute "3-check" tournament
  3. I went 7-0 in a three-minute (no delay or inc.) 960 tournament
  4. I managed to win all my games (7-0) in a 3-min. Crazyhouse/ZH tournament
  5. I win all my games and go 7-0 in a three-minute "King-of-The-Hill" tournament.  
  6. I won all my games (7-0) in a three-minute (3-0) "Three-check" (3+) tournament
  7. I went 9-0 (one lucky win) and won all my games in a one-minute (1-0) KotH tournament
  8. Total dominance in a 1-0 ZH tournament
  9. July 17th, 2018: I won a 3-0 ZH swiss tourney .... its been a long time. 
  10. Sunday; October 7th, 2018: I won this ZH arena tournament going away, even though I joined almost ten minutes late. This game was easily my best of the tournament. 
  11. More?