One Minute chess

One Minute chess

NM FLchessplayer
Jan 19, 2015, 7:43 PM |

I have had many requests from fans and friends to post this type of blog, especially when I win a one-minute tournament where I think that I played pretty well. 

This is a one-minute tournament that I won. 

(Monday; January 19th, 2015. Tournament #480427.)  
The tournament started around 9:15 PM Central Standard time.  

Eventually I will list all the games here. 
(The picture to the left is pretty small, click  HERE  to see a bigger image of it.)  

  1. Round One: vs. "Hirochess," he played pretty well until he dropped a Rook. 
  2. Round Two: vs. "swmorrow," it was an interesting game until White - short of time - began to drop material. The main lesson of this game is that Black played aggressive chess, remebering that when players castle on opposite sides the game often becomes a race to mate the opponents King. 
  3. Round Three:  vs. "Socialismo2021," (1880) my opponent played very well, moving very fast ... he was probably using pre-move. In the end, he dropped material and lost and also lost on time. 
  4. Round Four: vs. "ZasenMOHAX," (1760); This opponent played well and fast ... once again, I prevented counterplay on the K-side and tried to get an attack rolling on the Q-side as quickly as possible, a tough game in a lot of different respects.  
  5. Round Five: vs. "esurribas," a 1600 who played very solid chess, but when he lost on time, I still had around 25 seconds left on my clock. 
  6. Round Six: vs. "RusMonk," another 1600. This is probably the only game where I was not clearly winning at the end. 

Overall, I am sure that I did not play perfect chess. In some cases I had to attack or defend, I did what the position required. Hats off to all of my opponents, no one tried to play purely "Mouse-racing chess," the kind of nonsense that I hate

Post-script: I have won over 1000 one-minute tournaments ... as far as I know, this is more than any other player on this server.