One minute chess ... and mouse racing ... ... ... ...

One minute chess ... and mouse racing ... ... ... ...

NM FLchessplayer
Apr 13, 2012, 8:47 AM |

Discussion: Please join in. 

Is it better to move as fast as possible (at one-minute chess); or should you try to make good moves?

My trophy room:
(So far, all one minute tournies, I think.) 

I keep losing to guys who move really fast. My take is its OK for one-minute ... BUT!!!! If your goal is to get better, should you not strive to make the best moves possible?

I could post a few of my one minute games here, but I won't. (One game - recently - I made 80+ moves.) One of my students recently commented that my one-minute games look better than his slow chess! 

I'm OK at one minute. My goal is to play the best chess that I am capable of ... in the time limit. 

If you play ONLY for speed ... aren't you hurting yourself in the long run? 

BTW, out of my last eight USCF tournaments, (slow chess); I have won clear first in six, tied for first at the Louisiana State Champ. in 2011. During this run, I have only lost one game. 

My point is not to brag, but aks the following question:



This is a true mouse-racer, NO SKILL ... but only speed & dirty tricks ...
like offering a draw every move.  (Here.) Some guys get a lost position ,,, or are running out of time ... and they offer a draw every single move? WHY?!?!???


Here is another player ... who moves too fast ... (here). 
{His rating is usually higher than mine, although ... right now ... I have a plus score against him.}