The burning question in chess.
The burning question!

The burning question in chess.

NM FLchessplayer

There is a concept/idea ... that you MUST teach to every rank beginner. Further, EVERY good chess player does this ... whether he/she is consciously aware of it or not. And I have asked dozens of really good and well-known chess teachers this question over the years ... and only a small number of them have gotten the right answer -- but usually not with their first response!  

Secondly - and here is the question that stumps master and patzer alike! NO ONE has ever gotten this one right (or even come close) ... and it is fundamental to your understanding of chess!!! (The answer is buried in one of my chess web-pages, but I doubt anyone here would even know where to look.) 


So here is the question ... in TWO parts:   

  1. What is the single most important (proven) chess theory that every teacher MUST teach his (or her) aspiring chess students, in order for them to be successful? (What is the one thing that the student MUST know to be even a halfway decent chess player? {And they must do it every single move - in every game that they play!})   
  2. WHY is this aspect of chess so important and why is it so deeply ingrained in our beloved game? (Where is the root of this problem, where does this flower of chess grow from?)  

Leave your answer in the comments section, one answer per person please.