The wild and woolly world of 960 chess.
A look at a game of 960 chess.

The wild and woolly world of 960 chess.

NM FLchessplayer

I have now played a handful of games of 960 chess. On another site, I lost the first 5-10 games that I played in this variant as correspondence games. And I want to see if I can figure out why, 

I also thought it would be fun to post the game and let people voice their thoughts on the game ... and then I would give my analysis of it - at a much later date. 

I also went to visit a friend, he plays chess and has a very powerful PC. [A custom motherboard, it has four Intel chips and also six RISC processors and (i believe) like 2,500 GB of RAM.] He also has both ChessBase and several chess engines as well. We loaded the game and began an analysis, he gave it like 30 minutes per move ... the analysis took a few days to complete. Either the analysis is too far over my head or I understand nothing of chess, but it was terribly complex and I found some of the evaluations to be very bizarre! 

Without any further ado, I give the game:  

We began this game back in August, I do believe and we just recently finished the game. (12/2018) 

NOTE: I gave the game from the Black side, as this was my point of view. However, if you like it the other way it is a simple enough matter to flip the board.  

This is the analysis generated by the on-line analysis tool, lt leaves much to be desired, but is useful as a beginning point for starting your own analysis of this game.  

Later - in about a week - I will post my own analysis of this game. 

Here are my final thoughts on this game. I do not want to do an extensive computer analysis on this game ... I do not want to discourage the reader from possibly attempting this on his own. I DID do an an analysis with the online analysis tool, (OAT), which is posted - just above. I also analyzed this game, (after it was complete); on both a friend's computer and also on my own laptops. I will just give my final thoughts here. 

You should also read ALL THE COMMENTS {below}, there are many good points there and I will not rehash what was said any further; it would simply be a waste of time and a duplication of effort!  

Feel free to weigh in with your opinions and analysis in the comments section - below.  
(NOTE: Much of the analysis was EXTENSIVE, involved "sliding" and analysis that lasted ALL NIGHT ... or even ran the course of several days.)